CK2+ (or CK2Plus if you aren’t into pronouncing mathematical symbols) aims to relieve any sense of repetition by expanding the core concepts of Crusader Kings II. Tired of the same old plots? Have a bag of plots and schemes. Want more titular empires and kingdoms? This has more than you can shake a stick at, plus so much more.

Torchlight II Essentials

Torchlight II Essentials is just what it claims to be – a compilation of many of the “essential” mods that the community has produced. In short, it frees up your other 9 mod slots to be more tailored to you, while retaining all of the best “core” modifications to Torchlight II, and you should install it right now.

Stalker Complete 2009

You’ll remember your first encounter with a brain-boiler, rookie. You’ll remember it well. If you live, that is. Mine was beneath the Agroprom Research Institute. I was shot and bleeding and dying somewhere in the network of tunnels beneath that devilish place. I had escaped the military assholes only to wind up with mutants breathing … Continue reading Stalker Complete 2009

MP Evolution

MP Evolution fixes bugs, adds content, and exhaustively rebalances every little aspect of the game. They make a claim and stick to it: “NO crazy new units, stolen and poorly converted graphics or any other ridiculous changes – this is still good old AoW, carefully improved in so many ways.”

The Eastern Front

There is this quiet before the storm. The sound of crunching snow beneath the feet of cold soldiers. A cough here, the clicks and clacks of MG42s being checked there. More artillery settles into place behind the pillboxes. Engineers slowly stretch springing barbed wire into place over the bodies of the last wave. Through the … Continue reading The Eastern Front

Caveman 2 Cosmos

The Devil is in the Details For those who feel the Civilization series just isn’t complicated enough. Caveman 2 Cosmos is one of the largest, if not the single largest, overhaul mod for 2005’s Civilization IV. It does not play with Civilization‘s setting or core concepts, like many of the great total conversion mods available … Continue reading Caveman 2 Cosmos

The Network Addon Mod

Maxis’ Home Run Out of Llama Field The recent announcement of Cities XXL got every gubernator’s pen protector’s in a twist, and I straightened myself out with a quick bout of Sim City 4. Of course, Madmodderville still needs a new subway system and Minecraftia’s highway project is only halfway completed because damn dirty industry … Continue reading The Network Addon Mod